Toxic Torts Are:


Claims involving a person's injury, whether immediate or years later, from exposure to toxic or cancer-causing substances or chemicals.

Toxic torts include:


  • Asbestos exposure
  • Illness or death from exposure to dangerous chemicals at work or at home

toxic torts - an ATTORNEY's overview

Many of you have read about various disease-causing chemicals, many of which exposure is accidental, or incidental to work, such as asbestos, beryllium, nerve agents such as carbon monoxide, benzene, latex allergies, and even radioactivity. All of you have probably heard of litigation against cigarette companies seeking damages, medical monitoring, or other compensation.

I have participated in such litigation, through my association with one of New England's leading firms in representing asbestos victims. I have participated as co-trial counsel in a class action case against "Big Tobacco" and have cross examined senior corporate officials while they attempted to defend selling carcinogens to teenagers. These cases make simple "products liability" cases seem as child's play; they are quite complex, involved, and time consuming. My experience, and affiliations with major national toxic tort practices, gives clients access to a sophisticated toxic tort practice, while continuing the individualized attention that I, as a solo practitioner, can provide.