Construction Site Accidents Are:

All injuries to workers on site and visitors due to negligence, or the failure to show appropriate care and take appropriate precautions, by contractors, owners, designers or architects involved in the construction process.

Construction site accidents include:

  • Collapsed scaffolding
  • Falling objects
  • Heavy equipment operation errors
  • Unsafe work conditions
  • Poorly maintained equipment on site
  • Injuries caused by failures to observe safety codes or ordinary practice


I have a great deal of experience in litigating these types of injuries, which happen, even in a highly regulated workplace, more frequently than people are aware. People in the construction industries earn their livings the hard way - with their bodies - and they pay the hard way as well. General contractors on job sites are given a non-delegable duty under federal law to ensure compliance with state and federal safety requirements. However, time and profit pressures often result in safety guidelines being minimized or not enforced. The results can be calamitous, and sometimes fatal.

My work in representing major construction contractors in commercial disputes, and my years of work first defending, and then suing contractors over safety issues and injuries, along with my close relationships with construction safety and procedures experts, have enabled me to successfully resolve cases for injured site workers and unfortunate visitors to the site.

My familiarity with construction contracts and site practices have enabled me to maneuver clients' cases through the intricacies of contractor and subcontractor relationships; site task delegation; indemnity and insurance agreements; and workers' compensation immunity. In plainer terms, I am stubborn and diligent enough to know which parties to sue to maximize a workers' recovery, and understand how a "minor" injury has major impact upon a worker's family and his earnings.